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Alex Laverick, Wirral Personal Trainer

I am a fully qualified personal trainer based on the Wirral offering excellent value personal training and highly rated diet plans.

I have a lot of useful and interesting information in the blog section of this website that I recommend all my clients read.

I am fortunate enough to be in a position were I can choose a client that is the right fit for my own personal training methods.

In this article I will introduce you to some of my ideas around personal training, and what I am looking for in a client.

If a client comes to me and asks if I can help to train them whilst they take illegal performance enhancers I will refuse such a request.

Big man steroids bossman
Wirral personal trainer and steroids

Now I understand that it is necessary to take illegal enhancers such as anabolic steroids to achieve a body that you see many men walking around with today.  The main reason I will not take on such a client on is not because it is illegal as you may guess, but something else entirely.

It is my personal opinion that building muscle and getting fit and lean, should never be accomplished in a trade off for your health and well being.  People who want to go on a diet that is very unbalanced, as a quick fix will not get my help.

I believe the main objective of going to the gym should be to achieve excellent health.  Of course its nice to look aesthetically pleasing as well, which I am all in favour of!  But first and foremost your gym objective should be a long term one based around a healthy lifestyle.

Why quick fixes so often fail

Quick fixes are what the vast majority of people are looking for when it comes to the gym.  Whether it be 6 pac abs in 30 days, or some insane weight loss goal, most people are not in it for the long term health benefits.

Shockingly 95% of all diets actually result in a weight gain, within 6 months of the diets completion.  And 80% of all gym goers give up attending the gym within a 6 month period of purchasing membership.

What is responsible for these pathetic statistics?  There is one main factor that is responsible for peoples failure.  The first reason is that if you are not planning long term, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

No lifting in wirral gyms
Wirral personal trainers friends don’t lift

If you don’t enjoy your workouts and you hate the diet you are on, its impossible to think long term.  Most people see a diet and the gym as a short term struggle, involving hard work so that they can look better once they have reached their goals.  Whereas in my opinion having a good looking body should not by your number 1 priority.

The key to not letting yourself fall into one of theses statistics is for you to enjoy both your diet and your gym routine.  This will allow you to continue to stay fit and healthy in a realistic way that will require little effort on your behalf.

It is clear to me that the effort involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about levels of enjoyment.  I tailor my exercise plans so that all my clients can get to a point where they find it enjoyable to eat healthily and exercise.

I am sure that if you surveyed the people involved in the case studies I mentioned above, you would find that the main factor that separated those that stayed and those that gave up were enjoyment levels.  I make it my goal, for my clients to enjoy their sessions as much as possible.

I do this by constantly tailoring clients exercise routines, until they are well suited enough for the client to be enjoyed.  Similarly I do this with all the diet plans I create for clients.  It is my objective as a personal trainer to introduce my client to as many foods as it takes for them to enjoy a realistic long lasting healthy way of eating.

Wirral Personal training from home

Some of my clients don’t like the idea of training in a gym.  There are multiple reasons why, ranging from the inconvenience of travel, to feeling self conscience about ones own body.  I understand all of these problems fully, which is why I also offer home personal training sessions anywhere on the Wirral.


So, if your self conscience and worried about making the first step, you may find that having a private session with all the required equipment brought to your own home a nice stepping stone before you do feel confident enough to venture out and join a gym.


Or if your simply too busy, the convenience of having a personal trainer visit your home may be a massive time and money saver for you.  Clearly there are benefits to training from the comfort of your own home, were I give clients the same level of attention and time and opportunity to succeed as everyone else.

Online personal training sessions

For clients who want to keep up with their routine and need a level of accountability when they are away with work or maybe on vacation, will benefit hugely from my online personal trainer sessions.  Staying on track when you are away on an all inclusive holiday can be very difficult as you may have experienced!

wirral trainers headphones
Personal trainers poor excuses

So why not even take a break from your diet a little bit and indulge whilst on vacation, but also have a few healthy meals as well and keep tabs on how much your drinking.  I find that the clients that I have successfully built training and diet plans for lose a taste for there previous unhealthy lifestyles, and find high fat foods disgusting.

High fat processed foods are addictive and the more you eat them the more you want them.  However, what many people don’t realise as they have lived their entire lives addicted to these processed foods, is that after a while off them, they no longer find them appealing.

It is rewarding for me when I have online sessions with my clients and they tell me how they are now actually preferring the healthy options rather than the greasy pool bar burgers and want to be motivated to use the hotel gym!

Of course many clients have short term goals to lose weight quickly which I am by no means against.  As long as the longer term objectives are still in place I am 100% with you on this.  So it really can be helpful for some clients to stay on track with their training regime whilst away, if they are relatively new and still not completely free from those unhealthy lifestyle habits.

I hope you can resonate with my ideas around personal training and fitness, and see me as a personal trainer who can help you to realize your goals when it comes to getting fit and healthy!  Another great resource to check out is this book which is a great introduction to healthy foods.