Is a glass of wine a day really good for you?

The truth about light drinking and your health

My whole life I have heard many people talk about the benefits of a glass of wine a day.  Many of them who drink a lot more than one glass of wine at a time!

Can this really be true?  And if it is not true, well then what the hell is going on, and why do so many people believe it is true?

There have been many case studies that have set out to investigate the health effects of alcohol.  You would not be surprised to learn that it is undisputed amongst scientists that excessive drinking causes a huge number of related illnesses.

But amongst the case studies that have proven the negative health effects of alcohol, there have also been studies that conclude that light drinking is good for you.

What has sparked much of this analysis is the fact that France out of 21 countries had the second lowest rate of coronary heart disease to Japan.

But what most people don’t realize is that there are a number of other factors that need to be taken into account.  Once we start looking into these variables the pro light drinking arguments become weaker.

For example, the French drink a lot more with their meals and have less of a binge drinking culture.  Compare this to Finland a country with one of the highest incidences of heart disease.  In Finnish culture alcohol is drank once every week or two weeks in large amounts, increasing the harmful effects.

Another misconception is that the French have high fat diets.  In fact they have only moderate fat diets and consume more fish than most other countries.  This is a factor that is very likely to be responsible for the lowered rate of heart disease.

Ireland has one of the highest rates of coronary heart disease but one of the lowest intakes of fruit of any country.  The idea that just by drinking more and not taking into account other factors has led many people to justify their drinking habits.

If we compare Japan which has the lowest rate of heart disease we find more interesting results.  Japan per capita consumes half the amount of alcohol as France.  Japan also has a very low animal fat consumption.  Therefore, Japan clearly demonstrates there is something wrong with the conclusion that drinking more is better for your heart.

Understand headlines are designed to sell newspapers

wirral gym health advice

You may be aware of media reports that people who are in there middle age are more likely to die if they completely stop drinking.  Compared to people who continue to drink a moderate amount.

A large case study was carried out that took both moderated drinkers and abstainers and tracked their health over a period of 15 years.  The study found that the abstainers had a much higher incidence of heart disease than the moderate drinkers.

However, what the study did not account for where a number of variables that made this an unfair experiment.  The drinkers





Personal trainer wirral

An introduction to a Wirral personal trainers blog

When clients ask their personal trainer for a diet plan they will usually be given some basic information for about £20.

I aim to give all my clients a tailored diet plan     Sometimes we know but are not quite aware of the health risks involved in our eating habits.

This first post is about offering you a chance to be more realistic with your diet plan by offering you a tailored easy to stick to format.   It is also about giving you an idea about what I feel are the most important points in health.

Lets get realistic

First off scrap the all or nothing mentality.  Aiming for a realistic balance is going to serve you much better in the long term and will massively increase your chance of maintaining a healthy diet.

The frank truth is that many of my clients eating habits are so ingrained that going cold turkey on their favourite vice has resulted in withdrawal symptoms akin to a heroin addict.

Personal trainer wirrals best diet
Wirral diet

I jest but seriously its not a nice thought for many clients to permanently give up chocolate or alcohol completely.  So that’s why I have built flexibility into my diet plans that tailor to a clients needs whilst maintaining a realistic objective.

What you may or may not realize is that junk food and highly processed foods are more addictive than cocaine.  See these interesting studies on the topic.

By not allowing yourself a treat here and there many clients find that by the time they have finished their diet they are craving the foods that they were not allowed and end up binging once the diet has ended.  My goal is to help people realize that this short term attitude is not worth it and much more is to be gained by thinking longer term.

Think bigger picture

What you need to be conscience of when dieting is the bigger picture, and how you can go about maintaining your eating habits.  In my opinion, the main reason why people end up putting more weight back on than when they started dieting, is because they see their diet strictly as short term.

I see many people whose sole objective is to lose a set amount of weight by a certain timeframe.  Time and again I see people at the gym reach their target weight only to put it all back on again six months later.

Diet plan wirral gym
Wirral gym plan

My advice to all my clients, is to reach your goals whilst simultaneously building eating habits that can be maintained.  I will do this by tailoring a specific diet for you that will give you the best chance possible to maintain a healthy diet.

Because, lets be honest it might be nice to lose weight and look good when summer rolls round, but losing weight is not just about looking good its about your health as well.

I believe if people were more educated on the long term health benefits of good eating habits well then many people would not simply be interested in looking good in a bikini or with their shirt off.

They would have the realisation that a healthy lifestyle of good eating habits and using the gym is in fact more about extending your own life and reducing illnesses.

It is the primary objective of this blog to give you as much useful information regarding the role of healthy eating and how this can not only help you achieve a great physique, but also help you stay healthy in the process.

Juicing and being more flexible

I recommend my clients consume the equivalent of 5 vegetables everyday.  To achieve the requisite amount of fruit and veg I would advise all my clients to learn about juicing and the practical benefits it offers.  Juicing offers a practical way to keep up with the healthy vitamins you should be consuming every day.

Personal trainer wirral best jucing
Personal trainer Wirral juicing advice

In case you did not already know your risk of developing cancer is massively reduced just from eating fruit and veg.  If you dont like eating fruit and veg well then juicing could really be a lifesaver both metaphorically and literally!

Allowing for flexibility in a diet has helped to give many of my clients the will power to carry on when they otherwise may have given up.  What do I mean by flexibility?  Once you have worked out a diet plan many personal trainers will simply ask you how your diet plan is going and check if you are sticking to it properly.

Having a diet plan we can work on together allows my clients to make realistic plans, which give them a much greater chance of both reaching their target weight and staying fit and healthy for many years into the future.  The BMI is a great way of tracking your progress.

It is ultimately my goal as a personal trainer to make sure that you achieve your goal of looking great and making your target weight.  But also my responsibility that you don’t see the gym as a quick means to an end.  But rather as sustainable long term goal which will let you live a healthy lifestyle for many years to come!